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Fast and efficient planning, modeling and execution of media content for web and mobile devices

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Founded in 1996, Semos Multimedia, is one of the leading multimedia and software development companies in Macedonia. Following the new e-trends in the internet world, we are growing both in intelligence and credibility. Bringing together talented designers, developers, artists, managers, marketing specialists and technologists, we create innovative technologies that excite and engage users.

Semos Multimedia believes that achieving your goals means understanding your culture and appreciating your strengths. Following this intuitive saying, we have created a unique corporate culture that blends innovation and experience, flexibility, agility and quality, imagination and professionalism.

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Here are some of our strengths when working on a project:

What we offer is complete, from initially designing the idea to implementing the solution to its core.

Customization.there is no precise list of offerings, every offer is uniquely tailored to our clients' needs

Binding up the every-day-learning, experience in enormous projects, flexibility in decisions making, innovation and imagination, team work

Our team has gathered operationally brilliant, result-oriented, good listeners, brainstormers, professionals in their fields, client-side-decision makers in one place.

Our Project Features

These are the features and benefits the client gets if cooperating with us and from the projects we design and develop

There are lots of Web design agencies and firms these days that offers both web design and web development service. And with such a number of firms only few of them satisfy their clients. One factor on why some web development company and designers haven't delivered good-quality service or output is the lack of skills.
Semos Multimedia goal is to provide best-quality service to its client because we are just happy to see and hear our client get satisfied. Unique, simple, attractive and good-looking web designs from our talented web designer were our edge from other web design agencies or company, and this was also the essentials of attracing visitors aside from getting a good rank.

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illustrate some of our services.

  • Inspiration

  • Convenience and Satisfaction

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • On Time and Budget

  • Customization

  • Content Management

  • Scalability

  • Media Synchronization

  • Media Adaptability

  • Device Ready Projects

  • Security

  • Customization


Graphic Design

Our experienced Graphic Designers will assist in developing a design strategy which is not only pleasing to look at, but creates an online identity for your business.

Web Development

Most of our development is done using the Payak Content Management Framework. Compared to more "blog-focused" systems on the market these tools provide great power and flexibility.

Online Marketing

As your competitors take advantage of online marketing possibilities, maybe it's time for you to do the same. Let us show you how.

HTML/CSS Architecture

All HTML we produce is of the highest quality and guaranteed to work on all leading browsers on the market. This means that the finished result looks exactly the same as the original design sketches, no matter operating system or browser..

Search Engine Optimization

80% of today's web traffic comes through search engines. We'll make sure your site gets on the first page and remains there.

Visitors Analysis and Tracking

By tracking and understanding users we gain the ability to fine-tune both content and concept, constantly modifying and improving your business performance.

Main Services

Our core services are designed to compliment each other perfectly, or be just as powerful on their own. Whatever your project, concept or passion we can tailor our offering to ensure you get exactly what you wanted. Every time.

1. Website design, development and maintenance

We design and develop innovative complete web-based solutions for region-known media companies, big corporations, financial institutions using the newest technologies and standards for development. These solutions are enriched with especially designed look for our clients' needs including forums, blogs, galleries, e-commerce and other solutions, integrated with their internal existing systems and in CMS for managing and administration of the website. The Content Management System Payak is adjustable and secure multipurpose software for everyday content management.

2. Development of mobile applications and games

We design and build mobile applications that are customer-friendly and facilitate easy and quick data processing. If you are interested in black-jack tournament, backgammon competition, educative quiz, customized application to your personal idea or something different and unique, we will offer you a solution that will help you interact with your target audience.

3. Integrated, complex web-based e-commerce and mobile solutions

We create and maintain integrated and complex web and mobile applications for fast and easy access to every information and e-commerce, based on contemporary web and mobile technologies that will ease the business processes in Your Company.

4. Creation of corporate identity and multimedia presentations

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression", so make sure your company makes a significant impression at the very first glance. Corporate identity is all about the visual presence of the company. We brand Your Company through multimedia presentations including the company profile, logo design, product catalogue and website presented through audio, video, graphics and text. .


Although these samples can't show you the big picture, they can give you an idea of the quality work we can provide. View whole reference list here

  • Kapital Magazine

    Kapital is the most influential business information media in Macedonia

    preview | visit site

  • KANAL 5

    Macedonian National TV station offering a variety of interesting programs and events.

    preview | visit site


    Alfa News is news web portal offering a variety of interesting news and events.

    preview | visit site


    Alfa TV is National TV station offering a variety of interesting programs and events.

    preview | visit site

  • Semos Education

    Semos Education is the biggest computer education centre in Macedonia.

    preview | visit site

  • Capital Bank

    Capital Bank is Macedonia's first bank with foreign capital in the banking sector

    preview | visit site

  • Economic Chamber of Macedonia

    Award winning web site about Macedonian economic chamber

    preview | visit site

  • NLB Tutunska Bank

    NLB Tutunska banka AD Skopje is a leading banking institution in the Republic of Macedonia

    preview | visit site

  • Odmori Se

    Odmori se is collection of offers from other tourist agencies

    preview | visit site

  • Nova high school

    Website for the first private high school in Macedonia with custom design and intuitive navigation trough a complex structure

    preview | visit site

  • Duna

    Duna is a leading Macedonian IT company and an inclusive importer of world famous brands like Apple.

    preview | visit site

  • Laser Lab Dr.Anchevski

    Dermatological Aesthetic Corrective Clinic offering a variety of services performed by team of qualified dermatologists.

    preview | visit site

  • Nova high school

    Nova high school old version of their website


  • Hisar

    Hisar's old version of the website


  • Hisar

    Dynamic web site with animated banners for presentation of Hisar travel and tour offers.

    preview | visit site

  • Duna

    Duna's concept for their new website


  • ClubFM

    ClubFM is a Macedonian Modern City radio station with unique program concept

    preview | visit site

  • Ande - Lm

    One of the more successful employment agencies located in Albania


  • Ne pipaj Intimno je

    Book about author's experience in life, written as collection of quotes

    view | visit site

  • Neptun

    Neptune is one of the largest and most successful Albanian business groups, which its primary business activities are Retail and Property Development.

    view | visit site

  • Skopje Online

    Skopje Online's older version of the website


  • Skovin

    The old version of one of the biggest wine manufacturers in Macedonia


  • Student film factory

    Blog portal featuring all experimental student films


  • Skopje Online

    Skopje's information about hotels, travel, shopping, events, attractions and culture activities.

    preview | visit site

  • Tele One

    Web design concept for one of the biggest mobile operators in the region


  • RZZZ

    Concept for the government's institution that manages all the financial health care founds


  • Renova

    Renova is one of the biggest producing companies for building materials in Republic of Macedonia.

    preview | visit site

  • Orfej Travel

    Concept design for Orfej travel and tour offers.


  • Fruktal

    The biggest drinks manufacturer in the region.


  • Palmwood

    Palmwood's mission is to create custom homes with excellence, while serving and leading the community with integrity.


  • JSP Skopje

    JSP Skopje is the passenger transport company in urban and suburban public transport on the city of Skopje.


  • Social Democratic Union of Macedonia

    SDSM exists and functions as forum of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia.

    preview | visit site

  • Macedonian Information Agency

    MIA is news agencie working in the sphere of its basic function - covering events, news and information.

    preview | visit site

  • Cosmofon

    Concept design for one of the biggest former mobile operators in the region


  • Macedonian Radio Television

    MRT is a Macedonian National TV station offering a variety of interesting shows, programs, news and events.

    preview | visit site


    Concept design for one of the biggest multimedia agencies in Macedonia


  • Inex travel operator

    Dynamic web site with animated banners for presentation of Inex travel and tour offers.

    preview | visit site

  • MZT Pumpi

    MZT Pumpi has a long history of success with international growth as the biggest Developer and Manufacturer of Industrial Pumps.

    preview | visit site

  • Semos Multimedia

    Concept design for Semos Multimedia


  • ClearView

    Clear View provides a quality education in Macedonia for developing trained structures trough management trainings

    preview | visit site

  • Puppet

    The Theater for Children and Youth, Skopje is founded and financed by the Ministry of Culture of R. Macedonia

    preview | visit site

  • KAN

    Concept art for advertising company KAN, with more than 15 years experience


  • USJE

    Cementarnica USJE AD is a producer of cement and other related building materials.

    preview | visit site

  • Delege

    The law firm DE LEGE has been operating within the legal system of the Republic of Macedonia since September 2005

    preview | visit site

  • Granit

    Granit a construction company existing and successfully working for almost 50 years in the field of the construction business.

    preview | visit site

  • Multibox

    by Kirby Ferguson

    preview | visit site

  • Ultimate Roll game

    Online interactive backgammon game application


  • WebMax TV

    Live web video from Macedonian TV Channels

    preview | visit site

  • Free5Bet

    One of the leading companies for online-betting in Europe

    preview | visit site

  • Ultimate Roll application

    Online backgammon application for the upcoming Ultimate Roll website


  • MZT PUMPI Presentation

    Interactive CD Rom presentation for the company MZT Pumpi


  • Vodovd

    Vodovod's kids CD Rom presentation on how to save water supply


  • Microsoft Vizija

    Microsoft's CD Rom presentation for the Vision event


  • Gamatroniks

    Gamatronik's CD Rom presentation for their company services


Our Products

Below is a summary of some of the products and services available to our clients

Payak Content Management

Content Management System PAYAK is a protected multi-user software for everyday WEB application management & administration, offering the following options:

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"Macedonica 5"

"Macedonica 5" presents the first multimedia encyclopedia placed on a compact CD-ROM as an original and unique product, describing the Republic of Macedonia in a modern and comprehensive way.

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100 Years of Macedonian Cinema

This Multimedia CD-Rom is dedicated to the 100 years of the Macedonian Film.100 years after Manakis, some new "kids with a new worldview, today, are dreaming their film dream.

20th Century

20th Century is a multimedia CD-Rom where Macedonian Art and Culture are gathered on one place. Here, the Macedonian artists, are revealing the character of the Macedonian past, constantly striving to interpret individual reality through modern means of expression.


Semos Multimedia is a growing team searching for innovative and talented team-players.

3+ years of interactive agency experience.

.NET Programer

We are seeking for experienced .NET developer to help us complete, maintain, and upgrade our future and existing client projects.

The ideal candidate will be proficient with .NET programming and HTML/CSS.

In this roll you will be responsible for the completion of an upcoming projects as well as updating components and overall maintenance. Some HTML/CSS coding from mockup designs will be necessary from time to time.

Experience working with graphical software is a plus.

3+ years of interactive agency experience.

Web Designer

For this position we are looking for a solid sense of design with an understanding of typography and grid-based layouts, with a focus on usability and findability. Ability to write semantic, reusable markup for both HTML and CSS, including CSS3 and HTML5, without the use of a WYSIWYG. Expertise bringing an experience to life, using libraries such as jQuery, to programmatically animate elements, drive event-driven interactions or utilize DOM elements to add functionality.

Experience collaborating with designers, writers, and receiving creative direction and An obvious passion to create great user experiences on the web is paramount to us

3+ years of interactive agency experience.


You need to be a writer, a reader and a creative strategist all in one. You need to have a way with words and understand the power of a good story. You will be working closely with our strategists, developers, designers and especially our clients, to create compelling and visionary content across multiple projects.

Strong verbal skills on top of your writing abilities. Copywriter will be expected to present to our teams and clients in a professional, comprehensive and inspiring manner. Familiarity with copy for the web and SEO is also required. Proven ability to create copy for a wide variety of brands, audiences and industries.


We are always excited to work on new projects. So drop us a line if you would love to work with us

We are always open for possible work collaborations on any business sizes. You may choose the following methods to reach us. Or, even a simple "hello" counts.
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